Developer Guidelines

This document updated: 29/06/2011

Empire.Kred (hereinafter referred to as either “Empire.Kred” or “We”) requires that all developers use good judgment in managing and creating their Applications and use of Empire.Kred’s Application Programming Interface (“API”).

In all cases developers and their Applications are to be governed by the Terms and Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policy, the Advertising and Endorsement Guidelines, the Rules and any other policies and/or guidelines that may be published from time to time by Empire.Kred. It is the sole responsibility of the developer to maintain the integrity of their Application(s) and to follow all applicable laws. If an infringement of any kind is brought to the attention of Empire.Kred, we reserve the right take whatever action as deemed by us to be necessary to resolve the matter.

1) Ownership and Use of Application Code

  1. You own the code and Applications you create.
  2. You may remove or be required to remove your code and Applications from Empire.Kred websites at any time but at such a time you must immediately remove any data collected from Empire.Kred.
  3. While we do not own your Application, any content you submit to Empire.Kred in the form of patches, recommendations, feature requests or changes to the functions of the API provided by Empire Avenue and its related websites immediately becomes the sole and exclusive ownership of Empire Avenue.

2) Legal Issues

  1. You acknowledge that you are the exclusive owner or the duly authorized licensee of and hold all necessary right, title and interest in and to the Application, and that you are solely responsible for any legal actions of any kind whatsoever in connection with your Application and its maintenance. You agree to indemnify defend and hold harmless Empire.Kred, its affiliates, and their respective officers, directors and employees from and against any claims, losses, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable fees for attorneys and other professionals) incurred in connection with any action brought by a third party to the extent that such action alleges that your Application infringes a third party’s patent, copyright, trade secret or other intellectual property
  2. Your Application is not to :
    1. Infringe upon any patent, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property rights of any party.
    2. Use any third-party code that violates the license of that code.
  3. We will inform you of any legal issues regarding your Application that come to our attention, but it is your responsibility to respond to such issues while keeping us informed of how such issue is being resolved.

3) Application Content

  1. Objectionable/Prohibited Content
    You are responsible for all content within your Application, including advertisements and user-generated content. You must not promote, or provide content (including any advertising content) that is prohibited by or is in contravention of the Terms and Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policy, the Advertising and Endorsement Guidelines, the Rules and any other policies and/or guidelines that may be published from time to time by Empire.Kred
  2. Unsuitable and Unwanted Applications
    We reserve the right to remove any Applications that we determine to be unsuitable for Empire Avenue. In such a case we will block access to Empire.Kred from such an Application.
  3. Enforcement
    We reserve the right to take enforcement action against you and any or all of your Application(s) if we determine, in our sole judgment that you or your Application is in violation of the Terms and Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policy, the Advertising and Endorsement Guidelines, the Rules, this agreement and any other policies and/or guidelines that may be published from time to time by Empire.Kred. Enforcement action may include disabling your Application, restricting you and your Application's access to the Empire.Kred API, terminating our agreements with you, or any other course of action at our sole discretion we deem appropriate or required under the law.

4) Presenting Your Policies

At all times you must provide a link to your privacy policy and any other policies applicable to your Application in the information section of your Application. None of your policies (including your privacy policy) can conflict with any of the contents set out herein or the Terms and Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policy, the Advertising and Endorsement Guidelines, the Rules and any other policies and/or guidelines that may be published from time to time by Empire.Kred

5) Features and Functionality

  1. You must not confuse, mislead, surprise, or defraud anyone.
  2. You must not violate any law or the rights of any individual or entity, and must not expose Empire.Kred and/or its users to any harm or legal liability.
  3. You must not use a user's session key to make an API call on behalf of another user.
  4. You must not include functionality that proxies, requests or collects Empire.Kred usernames or passwords.
  5. You must not circumvent specified limits on core Empire.Kred API calls or features. Empire Avenue API limits are subject to change at any time. These limits are set out in the API information page.
  6. Special provisions for email addresses obtained from us:
    1. You must comply with the provisions of the Federal Trade Commission's CAN-SPAM Act and all other applicable spam laws appropriate.
    2. You must explain clearly to users, in a privacy policy how you will use their email addresses.
    3. Emails you send must clearly indicate that they are from you and must not appear to be from Empire.Kred or anyone else. For example, you must not include Empire.Kred logos or brand assets in your emails, and you must not mention Empire.Kred in the subject line, "from" line, or body header.
    4. You must not give or sell users' email addresses to any third party or affiliate.
  7. Collecting, Storing and Using Data obtained from Empire.Kred
    1. You must not store or cache any data you receive from us which has been provided by a third party to Empire.Kred for more than 24 hours, unless you have contacted Empire Avenue or that third party and have received permission in writing. By third party we mean any service, site or application that a user connects to Empire.Kred and their profile.
    2. You must not give data you receive from us to any third party, including ad networks.
    3. You must not use User Data you receive from us or collected through running an advertisement, including information you derive from your targeting criteria, for any purpose of Empire.Kred, without user consent. Empire.Kred reserves the right to request proof of consent at anytime.
    4. You cannot convert User Data you received from us into Independent Data.
    5. Before making use of User Data recieved from us that may be protected by intellectual property rights (e.g., photos, videos), you must obtain permission from those who provided that data to Empire.Kred.
  8. You must not give your API secret key to another party, unless that party is an agent acting on your behalf as an operator of your Application. Regardless you are responsible for any and all activities that occur under your account identifiers.

6) Empire.Kred Feature and Functionality Terms and Trademarks

  1. You must not express or imply any affiliation or relationship with or endorsement by us. This includes the use of Empire.Kred’s trademarks, logos or branding imagery which is subject to the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use.
  2. You must not use or make derivative use of Empire.Kred brands or trademarked materials unless otherwise permitted by a license governing those materials.
  3. You must name/label your Application, any corresponding URL, or your Application's features and functionality, in such a way as to avoid confusing users into thinking that the reference is to Empire.Kred features or functionality of the same name. At anytime Empire.Kred reserves the right to the reserve Application of feature names and/or request a name change where it is deemed at our sole discretion that the naming may confuse a user or conflict with Empire.Kred developed functions or features.

7) Changes

We can change this Agreement at any time by posting a new or amended Agreement as a replacement of the previous Agreement. We will post notice that the Agreement has been amended on our main website located at for a period of 30 days. The amended Agreement shall automatically be effective when posted. Your continued use of our websites following the posting of any amendment notice referred to herein shall mean that you accept the terms of this Agreement as amended. If you do not agree with any of the terms of the amended Agreement the Terms and Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policy, the Advertising and Endorsement Guidelines, the Rules and any other policies and/or guidelines that may be published from time to time by Empire.Kred then you must terminate all use of the Web Site. This Agreement may not otherwise be amended.

8) Termination

Empire.Kred may, in its sole discretion, terminate or suspend your access and/or your Application to all or part of the Web Site and/or API for any reason, including, but not limited to breach of any of the policies, guidelines or rules of Empire.Kred and where appropriate notify the appropriate authority or governing body of the violation

9) Definitions

  1. By "Application" we mean any technical integration of the Empire.Kred API. By "User Data you receive from Empire.Kred" (also called "user data you receive from us," "user data received from Empire.Kred," or "user data received from us") we mean any data or content (including any images, text, or other information or materials) you receive from us, that was provided by users to us or was associated by us with a particular user.
  2. By "Independent Data" we mean information that users provide directly to you.
  3. The "Web Site" for the purposes of this document refers to and all related sub-domains unless otherwise stated.

10) Contacting Empire.Kred

  1. To report bugs or technical problems related to Empire.Kred API functionality please e-mail
  2. For discussions or inquiries about technical issues, policy matters, or documentation, or to solicit help from Empire.Kred please contact
  3. To contact Empire.Kred about a confidential matter that you do not wish to post for public view, please email
  4. Note: Although we endeavor to protect your privacy, Empire.Kred does not guarantee the confidentiality of communications sent by email unless there is a prior written agreement to that effect.