FAQ: Discover

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How do I find and connect with people on Empire.Kred ?

You can find and connect with people in a number of different ways.

  1. Search: You can search for profiles based on their name or something they might have in the Biography. For example, if you are looking for Musicians, try searching for Music or if you are looking for individuals who work on the MySQL database, try “mysql”.
  2. Trending and other lists: We show various lists throughout the site including profiles which are trending on the Stock Market. These maybe people to connect with or invest in if you are listed on the Stock Market
  3. Discovery based on Network Scores: on the main Discover page we show you people who are close to you in Network Scores for the networks that you have connected on Empire.Kred. Check them out to see what they are doing right and maybe find new people to connect with.
  4. Leaders: We show you the Leaders in each network on the Discover page. There are similar Leader pages in the Stock Market section and Communities section.
  5. Communities: Join interesting Communities and collaborate and communicate with people in those Communities
  6. Missions: search for interesting Missions, complete them and connect with the individual who is running those Missions.


How can I make myself stand out better in the Search?

Make sure to put what interests you in your Biography. That’s the best way!


How do I get myself listed as a "Business" in the Leaders section?

Please submit a support request and we will tag your account as a "Business". Please note that it may take a week or more depending on the volume of requests. There is no other benefit to having your account tagged as a "Business".


How do I communicate with individuals on Empire.Kred ?

We allow you to communicate in a number of different ways

  • Private Messaging: If the other account has enabled private messaging, you may send them a Private Message and they can send messages to you. Please go here to look at your privacy settings and who can send you messages. Typically we ask that at the minimum it be your “Followers” that can initiate messages with you. In the context of Empire.Kred your “Followers” can be your Shareholders if you are listed on the Empire.Kred Stock Market. If you feel a member is being abusive, please report them, but also take the opportunity to “Block” the indiviual. Please read about Muting and Blocking here.
  • Shout Outs: These are messages that people can leave on your profile. The same rules which govern Private Messages govern shout outs. You can reply to Shout Outs as can others as long as they have permission to do so. As with Private Messaging, please read about Muting and Blocking here.
  • Communities: You may create or join Communities on Empire.Kred. Please follow the rules of each Community you join. Read the FAQ on Communities here.
  • Missions: You may create or participate in Missions created by other members on Empire.Kred. Read the Missions FAQ here.