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What is the Social Stock Market?

The Empire.Kred Social Market is a fun game built around social media using virtual currency. Individuals and Businesses can use the game to “invest” their currency in other profiles and create a connected Portfolio of profiles that span multiple networks from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and more. The more people you invest in and the more you invest in each person, the deeper your connections. The following is what you can accomplish by playing the Social Market game on Empire.Kred:

  1. Drive engagement across multiple networks. Investments on Empire.Kred can lead to connections in all the other networks you and your investments might be active in
  2. Earn Eaves by playing the market so you can use it to drive further engagement or derive real business value by promoting yourself or business to new networks
  3. Use the Network Scores and Share Price concepts to see how to improve your Social Media standings
  4. Connect with some of the top Social Media people using the game mechanics rather than seeking intros
  5. Have some fun!


How do I earn Empire.Kred "Eaves" (virtual currency) on the Stock Market?

Empire.Kred uses a virtual currency called "Eaves", signified by a blue "e" icon seen throughout the site. This virtual currency is used throughout Empire.Kred, as well as purchasing Upgrades and creating Missions. This currency has no real-world value.

There are many ways to earn Eaves including doing Missions and purchasing Eaves in our Shop. Following are the ways you can earn Eaves on the Social Market:

  1. Sell your virtual shares to others. Every time another user buys your virtual shares, you get to keep 50 % of the value of the virtual shares. So if someone buys 200 virtual shares in you at a price of 10e per virtual share, they pay 2100e (includes a 5% commission the buyer pays) and you get 1000e. Beyond 20,000 outstanding virtual shares, the percentage paid to you from virtual share sales decreases from 50% down to a minimum of 10% for high numbers of outstanding virtual shares.
  2. Sell virtual shares from your portfolio for a profit. As you buy virtual shares in other profiles and as days pass, you will (hopefully!) find that the virtual stock price of those profiles has increased. You can then, if you wish, sell those virtual shares for a profit. As with a real stock market, a good strategy is "buy low, sell high". Remember, there is a commission (usually 5 %) for both buying and selling of virtual shares, so a very small increase in virtual stock price may not result in much profit.
  3. Dividends in Eaves are rewarded to you from your investments. For example, you’ve invested in John, John is active online and receives engagement, you will receive a daily Dividend from John based on your investment in him. You can see how much we estimate he will pay you on his Profile under Average Dividend Per Share. For example If you own 100 shares in John, and John pays 1.25e per share in daily Dividend then you should receive 125e in eaves each day. As it is dependent on John’s activity and engagement, the actual daily payment may change up or down!


I received a 'refund' from a user I owned shares in. What does this mean?

If a user deletes their account, or if Empire.Kred bans an account, or if you block a user or they block you, and you own shares in that account, you will receive a refund. This may come in a single lump sum or in several instalments, one for each time you purchased shares in that user.


What are shares on Empire.Kred and what do they mean?

In the real world, companies sell units of value, called "shares", whose buyers become part owners of the value of the company. Similarly, on Empire.Kred, buying shares in other users allows you to receive "Dividends" (payments in virtual currency “Eaves”) when they are active on their social networks. Empire.Kred allows you to "buy" virtual shares in registered users as if the user was a company on a real-world stock exchange, and similarly allows others to buy virtual shares in you. In effect, Empire.Kred is granting you a license to hold virtual shares in a profile for as long as you are a member of Empire.Kred's website and abide by our Terms and Conditions of Use. Having virtual shares entitles you to receive "Dividends" in virtual currency from a profile's social media activity and engagement.


What is the Empire.Kred Share Price?

The Share Price is how much someone else will have to pay in Eaves to purchase a single share in you. If you joined after October 2016, your Share Price is made up of only two functions:

  • By unlocking Achievements/Badges: Some Achievements and Badges contain a point value increase in your Share Price. Share Price increases for unlocking achievements are typically on achievements/badges which have some meaningful action on social media (like getting Facebook Comments) or a meaningful action on Empire.Kred
  • By having people buy your shares on the Stockmarket. Every share bought by someone else increases your share price by a small amount! Every share sold decreases your share price.

You control how your Share Price will increase, do you participate in lots of social media or on events on Empire.Kred or do you get lots of people on Empire.Kred to buy your shares?

If your account is older than October 2016, your Share Price was created by complex algorithms that worked on your social media actions and engagement as well as the share purchases as reflected above, which remains the same. Going forward you too can unlock achievements and badges.


What happens during Market Open and Close?

The Empire.Kred Market Closes and Opens on an individual basis once a day. This close and open reflects a new "trading day" and roughly happens around 3-12pm Pacific.

Between the Close and Open for each individual (which roughly takes a few minutes per individual) we may adjust your scores and pay out your Dividends to your Shareholders.


Do my Network Scores (e.g. Twitter Score) count in my Share Price?

No. Your Share Price is *only* influenced by Share Buys and Sells by others on the Empire.Kred Market and any Achievements or Badges you unlock which may carry some Share Price increase.


Will my Share Price increase by being super active on (e.g.) Twitter?

If by being active you unlock some of our achievements then you might see a Share Price increase. However, it is better for your network and reputation simply to keep activity as normal and instead focus on the value you bring to your audience and Shareholders. By being active and creating good content, your Dividends will increase and you will be more valuable to have in a portfolio.


What is the Average Dividend Per Share?

Your Shareholders earn Eaves based on the Social Media Activity you generate. This amount is based on your connections, activity and how that activity is shared, retweeted etc. The amount paid per share is called the 'Dividend per Share". For example, if Joe pays out 2e per Share on any specific day, and Jane owns 10 shares in Joe, then Jane will receive 20e on that specific day.

To earn more Eaves, you should invest in those that are producing the highest dividends.


What are Dividends? How are they calculated?

On Empire.Kred we pay you daily for the shares you own in someone based on their activity and engagement! How it works:

  1. You buy shares in John Smith
  2. John Smith posts on Twitter and Facebook, uploads stuff to Instagram and YouTube throughout the day
  3. Based on John's activity and engagement in those networks, we create a pool of Eaves once a day
  4. We take that pool and we divide it among John's shareholders, based on the number of shares each user owns.

If you want to be a wise investor, buy shares in people who have great engagement. You can check their Influence Scores and their networks!

Your dividend payout for each network depends on three factors:

  1. Your daily activity on that network (tweets, posts, photos, videos...)
  2. Your audience’s reaction to that activity (in the form of likes, comments, retweets, shares, favorites...)
  3. Your Network Score on that network (Network Scores are based on a several-week-lookback measurement of your activity and audience on that network.)

Please note: Beyond 5,000 investments (you may upgrade your portfolio size in the Empire.Kred Shop), we limit the number of profiles paying you dividends daily to the Top 5,000 in your portfolio based on their average dividends per share and your shareholdings in them.

Your Dividend Payout is based on your top 5 earning networks in any given day, as well as the sum of all your Network Scores (the numbers displayed in icons on your profile). So being active on all Networks will increase your Network Scores, and therefore your dividend payout, in the long term.

To maximize your dividend payouts, you should:

  • Empire.Kred: Login and do some transactions (even if you just buy or sell one or two users) regularly. Create Missions, rate the Mission completers, send shareholder mail and be active in your Communities, and get others to respond to your Community posts, Missions and Mail. Complete Missions, and get positive ratings by the Mission creator for completing those Missions.
  • Facebook, Facebook Pages: Post statuses. The more comments and likes you get on those statuses, the better. Comments from different users are better than lots of comments from the same user.
  • Twitter: Post tweets. The more people retweet you, the better.
  • Flickr: Post photos. You don’t need to post 200 photos every day, just get people to interact with the ones you do post through their comments and favorites. Comments from different users are better than lots of comments from the same user.
  • YouTube: Post Videos. Again, no need to post 20 videos a day, just get people to interact with the ones you do post through their comments and favorites. Comments from different users are better than lots of comments from the same user. Comments and rates by you on other people's videos also counts, to a limited extent.
  • Foursquare: Check in to locations. Busy, verified locations (like those with specials) are worth much more than frivolous ones like “my basement”. Write tips, and get others to complete them! Instagram: Post photos. The more comments and likes you get, the better. Comments from different users are better than lots of comments from the same user, and lots of likes on a single picture is better than the same people liking multiple pictures.
  • Wordpress: Post blog posts, and get others to comment on them.
  • All Networks: Your dividends will increase as you increase your Network Score. Your Network Scores are based on the above factors, but over several weeks rather than just over the last day or two, so sustained activity over many weeks is important. They also depend on your audience size, so increase the number of your followers, friends, or whatever, and your payouts will gradually increase.

Please note: Average daily dividend payout shown on profiles is an estimation only!


The Dividend I receive suddenly went to zero. What happened?

There are two likely explanations: If you are inactive on Empire.Kred (no login, buy or selling of shares, or posting of shoutouts/messages) for 30 days, you will stop receiving dividends BUT inactive accounts continue to pay out Dividends to their Shareholders. The moment you login again or do a share buy or sell, your received dividend should return to normal during the next daily close.


I haven't received my Daily Dividends yet. Why?

Dividends are paid out in a single lump sum, once per day. The time of payment varies but should be between about 3 AM and 12PM US Pacific Time. We aim for earlier in this time frame but some days, for various reasons, dividends may be late.

Please go to your Bank and choose Dividend Earnings to see if your Dividends are coming in. During the calculation process you may see “Calculating” for the Dividend Earnings line item.


Are the Dividends I pay to my Shareholders based on whom I invest in?

No. There is no direct relationship between the Dividends you pay out and whom you invest in. Dividends you receive ,of course, are related to whom you invest in. Obviously investing in great people will create great personal reciprocal networks and activity and engagement with you which can result in increased dividend payouts to others!


How do I buy or sell shares in someone?

To buy shares in someone:

  • You first need to find a profile you wish to invest in! You can do this by clicking "Search" on the top bar, typing in a name in the search box on any page, or by looking at any of the lists of individuals throughout the site and clicking their name or profile picture.
  • Once on the profile page, click the "INVEST" button. You will be able to enter a number of shares, click "INVEST" and you are done! The appropriate amount of Eaves will be deducted from your Bank balance.

To sell virtual shares, either:

  • Go to the profile page of the profile you own and click SELL button
  • Click on the Portfolio link on your Profile page to bring up your Portfolio page and choose to sell from there.

Select the amount of shares to sell. You will be credited with the current share price multiplied by the number of shares, minus the commission (see What is the Commission fee below).


Why didn't I receive any Eaves when someone bought my shares?

We only pay you Eaves up to the maximum number of virtual shares that someone can buy in you. Normally, this maximum is 200 shares, unless they have bought the “Bigger Piece of the Pie” or “More Dessert” upgrades, in which case they can buy up to 1000 or more shares in you.

For example, a user buys 200 shares in you at 10e/share, you get (200 x 10 x 50%) = 1000 eaves. They sell those shares, and later return and buy another 200. but you've already been paid for the maximum so you get nothing. If they have bought the “Bigger Piece of the Pie” upgrade to allow them to own, say, 300 shares in a person, then you'll get money from 100 shares of the second purchase (100 x 10 x 50%) = 500 eaves.

To View the percentage and number virtual shares that resulted in payment, check your bank entries by clicking on Bank at the top bar.


How can I own more than 200 shares in another user?

You can purchase upgrades and bonuses that increase the number of shares you can own in other users above the normal of 200. “Bigger Piece of the Pie” upgrades allow you to own more shares in all users, permanently. “More Dessert” bonuses allow you to temporarily buy more than your maximum in a limited number of users.

For “Bigger Piece of the Pie” and for “More Dessert”, go to our shop.

Note: “More Dessert” and “Even More Dessert” bonuses are NOT additive. For example if your normal maximum is 200 shares, and you use a “More Dessert” bonus, you can purchase up to 300 shares in a user. If you then use an “Even More Dessert” bonus to buy more shares, the most you can own in the user is 400 (200 more than your NORMAL maximum), not 500! Similarly, if your maximum is 200 shares and you use “Even More Dessert” to buy 400 shares, subsequently buying a “More Dessert” will not allow you to buy a further 100 shares in that user. If you later buy the Bigger Piece of the Pie upgrade to 300 shares then we will honour the account you used Even More Dessert on and you will be able to own 500 shares in those individuals.

Please read all the details in the Bonus description for any specific or difference in instructions. The descriptions in the Shop will always take precedence over this FAQ.


Is there a limit to how many users I can have in my portfolio?

The normal maximum number of different users you can own shares in is 1000. But you can increase this number by purchasing the “Increase Portfolio” upgrades in our Shop


What's a "Fast Mover" Commission?

A Fast Mover stock is one which is seeing elevated activity in buys and/or sells. These stocks will face commission increases that will be clearly displayed in the user interface. When you reach "Fast Mover" status, we will start increasing commissions on that stock for a limited time (up to a maximum of 50% commission!). You can then judge when to jump in or jump out.


Can I buy back shares from my shareholders?

No. Your shareholders can sell shares in you and the shares return to your share pool.


Can I trade virtual shares with other users?



Can I be informed when a user's Share Price is greater than or below a given price?

Yes, you can set Share Price Alerts for any user. Browse to an user's profile and click "Price Alerts". You can set an alert for when someone reaches a specific price or drops to a specific price. You will receive an e-mail when those prices are reached. While we endeavor to make sure that all alerts are delivered, Empire.Kred is not responsible if there is a failure in delivery of such a notification.


Is automated buying, selling or data collection (using bots or programs) allowed?

Automated transactions (buying and selling without direct user input in the transaction) are not, and have never been permitted. Automated Buying and Selling is against the principles and philosophy of Empire.Kred which is for you to interact personally with the reputable social media profiles on the platform.

  • Automated scraping content and data from the website is not, and has never been permitted.
  • Gathering data via the Empire.Kred Application Programming Interface ("the API") for analysis, recommendation, or commentary, is permitted as is Buying and Selling through the API where the User is performing the action in a non-automated way
  • Any additional permitted automated transaction will be posted in this FAQ section


What is the Commission fee?

All share activities, including buying and selling, are subject to an Empire.Kred "Commission" starting at 5% for each transaction for up to the first 500 shares. The commission will increase with the shares purchases as follows: up to 800: 6%; up to 1300: 7%; up to 1500: 8%; up to 2300: 10%; over 2300: 13% and greater. Please note this commission can change for various reasons and you should take care to look before you buy or sell.


Why is my total wealth on the Wealth leaderboard different from my current total wealth?

The wealth leaderboard does not use real time data. It takes your portfolio wealth at the last user close and adds your bank eaves, updated every few hours. There will likely be a discrepancy between this number and your total wealth at this moment.