Empire.Kred Developers

Getting Started

To use this API you will need to setup an OAuth application. To get started use the following steps:

  1. Read our Developer Guidelines and other Legal Documents that might apply to you
  2. Setup an OAuth application with Empire.Kred
  3. Learn about how to connect to the API and run queries
  4. Understand our usage and query limits
  5. Look through the actual API Calls


Empire.Kred provides a limited public API to connect and use Empire.Kred resources. This limited public API is considered to be in BETA which means the limited API continues to evolve and expand.

Developer Responsibility

We are committed to the privacy of our members. We expect any third-party developer to be as careful and as committed to the privacy of our members as we are. This means that we expect you to protect any data retrieved from Empire.Kred on behalf of a member. Please read our Developer Guidelines and other legal documents that may pertain to you and your application carefully. If you intend to store the data from Empire.Kred, you may be required to have a privacy policy that pertains to your application.

Please note: we have provided a mechanism for any Third-Party Application to be blocked from accessing a members's data at the request of a user. We will take abuse of the API and access to Empire.Kred data extremely seriously.