FAQ: Fair Play Guidelines

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Empire.Kred's Fair Play Guidelines.

Empire.Kred encourages fair play, operating under a code of conduct that intends to provide a level playing field for all users.

It is contrary to Empire.Kred's Terms and Conditions of Use to i) manipulate or circumvent rules and systems to transfer eaves into your account, or ii) attempt to falsely increase your Share Price, Network Scores and/or Dividend Payouts.

More specifically, it is not permitted to:

  • Create multiple “sockpuppet” accounts on Empire.Kred, and purchase shares in your primary account with these accounts, or use Missions to transfer Eaves to your primary account.  Using sockpuppet accounts to endorse your own blogs or comment on your own message threads is also not permitted.
  • Create, or encourage others to create, accounts on other networks whose only or primary function is to interact with your accounts in a beneficial way.  Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Retweet bots on Twitter
    • Sockpuppet Facebook accounts that like or comment on your posts.
    • Sockpuppet Youtube or Flickr accounts that like or comment on your videos or photos.
  • Duplicate your posts - like a blog whose only content is your Flickr photo feed,
  • Post copyrighted material - such as posting another person’s photos to Flickr, or copying text from the web and posting it in your blog or WordPress.
  • Participate in organized, coordinated buying or selling with the intention of producing a rapid change in stock price (e.g. "everyone buy me at 9 AM!" or "everyone sell ticker XYZ at 10 PM).
Automated Posting
Automated posting is frequently used on some social networks, like Twitter.  This is permitted.  However, extremely high levels of activity that are clearly or entirely automatically generated - like a Twitter account that just retweets or duplicates a news feed - are not permitted.

Empire.Kred has developed systems to detect sockpuppet accounts and abuse on Empire.Kred and on other networks.  We also manually investigate accounts if abuse is reported.

To ensure fair play for our entire community, Empire.Kred will take action against accounts where abuse of our Terms and Conditions of Use is suspected.  These actions may include:
  • Sockpuppet accounts on Empire.Kred will be immediately deleted.
  • Networks where sockpuppet activity is observed may be disconnected and blocked without warning. After a period of time, the network may be reconnected, at Empire.Kred’s discretion.
  • In serious cases, a user’s account may be temporarily suspended as Empire.Kred investigates the extent of abuse. No buying of shares may take place in that period.
  • An offending user’s dividend payments may be temporarily or permanently lowered.
  • In extreme or repeat-offender cases, the offending Empire.Kred account may be banned and deleted.
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About Terms and Conditions of Use violation penalties.

Actions by Empire.Kred as a result of any Terms and Conditions of Use violation or complaint are not taken lightly. Any actions by Empire.Kred are only applied after extensive research into the complaints and the associated accounts as they relate to our Terms and Conditions of Use. Where possible, account holders are warned prior to any major action (such as account deletion) by Empire.Kred However, network connections or blogs determined to be in violation of the Terms and Conditions of Use can be disconnected or downgraded without warning or notice

We are not at liberty to discuss details of any particular action, nor will we comment on any public discussion surrounding any particular action. All actions taken by Empire.Kred , gamer related or public or disciplinary, are always taken for what we consider is best for our ongoing vision of the game and its participants.