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For Everyone
Create a social Profile. Be Rewarded as you discover content and people through Missions. Use our rewards points for gift cards, movies, music and more. Play the Social Stocks game and become an Influencer!

For Influencers
Showcase your social reputation through your Profile. Reward people for connecting with you and discovering your content through Missions. Play the Social Stocks game to expand your network! Benefits of Empire Avenue

For Businesses
Evaluate the success of your social Profile. Reward your fans for discovering and engaging with your brand and content through Missions. Benefits of Empire Avenue

Use Empire Avenue over a long period and you'll see continued results in audience growth. The chart below compares the median percentage audience increases in Twitter for accounts who are active on Empire Avenue with those accounts on Empire Avenue who do not use Missions, Social Stocks or Community.

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Your Social Media Profile
Connect up to 10 social networks. Our network scores show how engaged your networks are. Higher scores mean better Rewards when completing Missions.

Be rewarded as you complete Missions from influencers, brands and businesses. Convert points into Rewards such as gift cards, music, movies and more.

Social Stocks
Play our Social Stock Market simulation game to invest in influencers, friends and brands. The more wealth you gain, the more connections you will make. Make wise investments and become an expert social media influencer!

Complete Missions to collect Reward Points (Vees) and our Virtual Currency (Eaves). Redeem Vees for Gift Cards, Music and Movies. Use Eaves to unlock upgrades and expand your network in the Social Stocks game, plus create your own Missions.

Create Communities
Get Social Statistics
See Network Scores
Connect Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr and more.
Increase Social Engagement
Discover New Content

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Empire Avenue is for Everyone!

For businesses, influencers and brands we offer some unique advantages including Premium accounts and upgrades.

Benefits for Business / Influencers