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JOHN L. EVANS EAv LION LOCRIS eLOCRIS Warwick, Warwickshire, England

Bio: RIP Nelson Mandela, God Bless Madiba, God Bless Africa #Mandela #Africa #RIP ....................................................................................................................................................... Too funny to hide on facebook or to need a mission: #EAv (e)LOCRIS @LOCRIS | Let's be clear - because many people accuse others of not completing Missions, whenever I complete a Mission or any other communication I sign off unambiguously. Cheers John #EAv (e)LOCRIS @LOCRIS | Hurray! I have one of the top 1% most viewed @LinkedIn profiles for 2012. Join the LIONs new lair: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21st Dec AdGoggle App will become INVITE-ONLY. You MUST use an existing user referral code. Mine: AdGoggle is LIVE!! Join me. Sign up now at AdGoggle is LIVE!! Join me. Sign up now at ZURKER - what are your thoughts? Please feel free to join the Zurker facebook group: Cheers John #ZURKER - Mission e1,000 free! . . . . . Zurker - a chance to make a fortune for free: Zurker - a chance to make a fortune? Invest in social networking for free: CEO #EAv Venture Capital Index CEO - Venture Capital Index Edit (e)LOCRIS on Empire Avenue #EAv Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Information Technology and Services industry April 2011 – July 2012 (1 year 4 months) Empire Avenue #EAv The 'Indexes' where removed from Empire Avenue during a major relaunch mid-2012. Earn Virtual Currency Create an Empire Avenue profile and start earning virtual currency through your activity across the web. Expand Your Audience Attract more followers, fans and subscribers. Empire Avenue makes it easy to connect with new people around the world. Drive Engagement Use our built-in game mechanics to get more visits to your website, videos, social profiles, charity campaigns – anything! Join my Movember Team: MOVEMBER MOVEMBER MOVEMBER MOVEMBER MOVEMBER Moustache Season is upon us, so I've decided to register for Movember and embrace the hair of the wild. I've pledged to cultivate a genuine 100% face grown moustache for 30 days to raise awareness and funds for men's health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. Now, I'm on the hunt for fellow trusty and fearless pioneers to join me by signing up to my team. Together we can change the face of men's health. To join my Movember team go to The more people we can get to become Citizens of Movember, the more lives we can impact. You can either grow a moustache as a Mo Bro, or join as a Mo Sista to show your support and help recruit other Mo growers to the team. Once registered, Movember will send you all the information you need to raise funds and start raising awareness for men's health as part of my Movember team. If you'd like to find out more about the type of work you'd be helping to fund by supporting Movember, take a look at the Programmes We Fund section on the Movember website: Please join me at Cheers John CEO #EAv Venture Capital Index #EAv #LOCRIS #LION™ @LOCRIS (e)LOCRIS COMMUNITY: I WILL BUY SHARES THAT DON'T OWN ME IF THEY HAVE EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD ROI - HIGH DIVIDEND VS PRICE YIELD - THIS IS CALCULATED BY DIVIDING DIVIDEND BY PRICE - E.G IF YOUR PRICE IS 100.00 AND YOUR DIVIDEND 1.00, THEN YOUR ROI IS 1% - IF YOU PRICE IS 100.00 AND YOUR DIVIDEND 1.50 ROI IS 1.5% - IF PRICE IS 150 AND DIVIDEND 1.00 THEN YOUR ROI IS .67%... .ETC. I BUY THE MAXIMUM IN THE BEST PERFORMING SHARES I OWN ACCORDING TO ROI - THE HIGHER THE ROI THE BETTER. WHEN I HAVE THE MAX [200] IN ALL MY SHARES PAYING BETTER THAN 1% ROI I WILL BUY A BIGGER PIECE OF THE PIE - A MAXIMUM SHARE HOLDING INCREASE AND INCREASE ALL OF THOSE SHARES ... ETC.... I LIKE TO BUY SHARES THAT ARE CHEAPER - YOU GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY AND THE POTENTIAL FOR CAPITAL GROWTH - THE CHEAPER A SHARE THE MORE LIKELY IT IS TO INCREASE IN VALUE AND INCREASE YOUR PORTFOLIO VALUE, AND THAT INCREASE IS LIKELY TO BE MORE RAPID AND A LARGER PERCENTAGE OF THE ORIGINAL PRICE PAID. I BUY PROMISING NEWCOMERS BUT I RESIST BUYING FAST MOVERS BECAUSE THE HIGHER COMMISSIONS ARE A DRAIN AND THAT MONEY DOES NOT GO TO THE TARGET SHARE OWNER. I ONLY BUY CORPORATES IF THEY'RE NEWCOMERS AND CHEAP AND SELL THEM WHEN THEY PLATEAU - THEY TEND NOT TO BUY BACK AND THEIR PRICES DROP OFF AFTER THE INITIAL SPLURG. I HAVE SOME OTHER THINGS AROUND PRICE WARNINGS/VACATIONS BUT FOR THE MOST PART I IGNORE THEM - IT COSTS 5% TO SELL AND 5% TO BUY SO A LOSS TO BE AVOIDED HAS TO BE BIG TO BE WORTH AVOIDING. ============= Welcome - you're a great investment already!! WILL YOU JOIN (e)LOCRIS COMMUNITY AT It's a much cheaper way of communicating with lots of people, and a great place for help, advice and guidance - with over 100 members, many of whom are elite players here on Empire Avenue, and an English moderator ;) It's a safe place to learn and rapidly increase your share price and daily dividends - the things that make you popular by driving your ROI - return on investment / return of interest.... Cheers John PS. Thanks for investing in my shares: They are not cheap, but give a good yield - note the high dividend 1.50+ which, when divided by the share price gives the ROI - so 150 / 130 = 1.15% per day interest. You also make money from rising share prices, however, that's less relevant because you can't spend it unless you sell, and if you sell you lose commission as well as the daily interest payment.... Learn more: at the (e)LOCRIS - COMMUNITY join: #EAv #LOCRIS @LOCRIS ==================== #LOCRIS @LOCRIS (e)LOCRIS – TODAY'S DIVIDEND 1.45e [AV 1.50] ROI 1.27%. I BUY (e)LOCRIS Shareholders; will I buy you? TODAY'S DIVIDEND 1.83e ROI 1.63% [AVERAGE 1.49e / 1.33%] TODAY'S DIVIDEND 1.44e ROI 1.31% [AVERAGE 1.42e / 1.30%] 5M up! #LOCRIS @LOCRIS – I BUY (e)LOCRIS Shareholders; will I be buying you? ============================================= ============================================= 100 up! #LOCRIS @LOCRIS – TODAY'S DIVIDEND 1.39e ROI 1.39%. I BUY (e)LOCRIS Shareholders; will I be buying you? ============================================= 100 up! #LOCRIS @LOCRIS – TODAY'S DIVIDEND 1.39e ROI 1.39%. I BUY (e)LOCRIS Shareholders; will I be buying you? DIVIDEND 1.25 AVERAGE ROI 1.25% TODAY'S ROI 1.39%. I BUY BACK (e)LOCRIS Shareholders; will I be buying you? ============================================= TO WIN YOU NEED TO BUY SHARES WITH A HIGH RETURN - A HIGH DIVIDEND. IT CAN BE QUITE HARD TO WORK OUT WHEN PRICE AND DIVIDEND ARE COMPARED. YOU NEED TO KNOW THE PERCENTAGE DIVIDEND YIELD. I SUGGEST YOU ADD TWO CHROME EXTENSIONS(APPS) TO HELP YOU INSTANTLY SEE WHO HAS A HIGH "Current Dividend Yield: 1.25%" < THAT'S MINE - IT'S VERY GOOD ISN'T IT ;-) GO TO GOOGLE APPS AND DOWNLOAD: Empire Avenue Investment Analyzer - Version: 1.0.5 (LATEST) AND P³ for Empire Avenue - Version: 0.4.0 (latest) THEY WILL HELP ENORMOUSLY... ;-) CHEERS JOHN ============================================= Follow me: John L. Evans #LOCRIS @LOCRIS (e)LOCRIS - ============================================= =============================================== #LOCRIS @LOCRIS (e)LOCRIS Mortgages now available based on Empire Avenue dividends: =============================================== In the past 24 hours I have spent (e)310k on Shares. My Share Price is up a little. My Dividends received are up 10%+ My Dividend paid out this morning, this morning, was 1.36e !! The experiment was a great success for all of us and I thank you – especially those who are new Shareholders… ;-) Share Price:94.30e Yesterday's Volume:5491 Total Shares Available:80000 Shares Outstanding:77093 (96.37%) Shares Owned:78489 Avg. Dividend Paid Out:1.15e /share Last Dividend Paid Out:1.36e /share Shareholders:514 (+48) Portfolio:638 (-22) Recommended:122 (+12) Past 7 days:90.45e - 94.30e (+3.86) Previous Week:85.32e - 90.45e (+5.13) If anyone has any questions, or would like to know more about what I did, drop me a line at #LOCRIS @LOCRIS (e)LOCRIS….. Cheers John =============================================== BUYING TONIGHT (e)250K+ SPENDING SPREE SENT 20 MINUTES AGO TO MY SHAREHOLDERS THANKS Firstly, as is customary, I’d like to thank you all for buying and holding my Shares. The Dividend is good, & the Price has risen steadily. Everyone, who has Bought and Held Shares, has made money. For reasons I do not understand, a small number of Shareholders come and go paying 5% to get in & 5% to get out, but there’s now’t stranger than folk!! THE NEWS I have had a clear out of all under-performing, & in some cases not performing at all, Shares that I held. However, I have not sold any of my Shareholders, regardless of how poor your Price or Dividends – I hold Shares in all my Shareholders – you guys – if I don’t, then please let me know by return. As a result of the sale, I now have over (e)200k to spend & I am going to spend it on the best performing Shares in my existing Portfolio later tonight (in about 5 hours from now at 22:30 GMT. THE OPPORTUNITY My Share price will dip a little in the next 5 hours, & then, when I have strengthened my Holdings, it will rise and so too will my Dividends. Buy, buy, buy now, before I start spending. REMEMBER (e)250k+ I will be spending (e)200k+ tonight, and a further (e)50k tomorrow when the Dividends are paid – (e)250k in less than 12 hours – DIP YOUR BREAD!! Cheers John, & once again, thank you...... =============================================== (e)LOCRIS #LOCRIS Trending;75k buying spree EVERY DAY – be sure I’m buying you Invest in (e)LOCRIS on Empire Avenue Check out BranchOut, my professional profile on Facebook! HTTP://WWW.LINKEDIN.COM/IN/JOHNEVANS It's just a Game!! Don't take it so seriously!! ===============================================#LOCRIS – every 24hrs I spend €50K+ on Shares. I BUY BACK (e)LOCRIS Shareholders; will I be buying you? =============================================== 02-08-2011 (e)24k - REFUND REQUEST - LAST WEEK Hi, Keep up the good work. Last week I requested a refund due to a double posting of a shareholder message which I believe was a bug: Last week (about 5 days ago) a Shareholder message posted by me was posted twice - which I didn't request / initiate, and shouldn't happen with identical messages. The two messages were charged as follows: About 5 days ago Sent Shareholder Mail -24,120.00 About 5 days ago Sent Shareholder Mail -3,015.00 The second message has been removed - by you? I have not received a refund which I would appreciate, please? Cheers John +44 7957 190186 #LOCRIS – TODAY'S DIVIDEND 1.32e ROI 1.42%. I BUY BACK (e)LOCRIS Shareholders; will I be buying you? #LOCRIS – every 24hrs I spend €50K+ on Shares. I BUY BACK (e)LOCRIS Shareholders; will I be buying you? @LOCRIS #LOCRIS (e)LOCRIS – TODAY'S DIVIDEND 1.32e ROI 1.42%.- I just bought 32 shares in (e)RINDIA on Empire Avenue #LOCRIS @LOCRIS (e)LOCRIS – TODAY'S DIVIDEND 1.39e ROI 1.41%. I BUY (e)LOCRIS Shareholders; will I be buying you?