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Liz Strauss Chicago, IL

Bio: Liz Strauss is an international business strategist and a professional speaker on leadership, business creation and community building. She is also CEO & co-founder of SOBCon -- the highly interactive business summit, Managing Partner at Inside-Out Thinking, a business creation partnership, and author of the popular Strategic, intelligent, and nice is a powerful combination. People visit her blog to learn, swap strategies, and meet each other. She’s been called a thought provoker, an über connector, an idea machine. She's at the top of influencer lists published by Forbes, Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and American Genius Beat. Liz speaks softly and carries a lot of street cred. Liz defines irresistible businesses as those with great relationships who constantly * Remove what customers don’t want. * Enhance what customers love. * Add something unexpected customers would die for. Irresistible defines Liz.