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Bio: KXRM-FOX21 KXRM-TV first signed on the air as an independent television station on Jan. 22, 1985. Its call letters were chosen in part to reflect the region in which it operates- the last two letters stand for "Rocky Mountains." KXRM-TV now is more commonly known as FOX21 thanks to its affiliation with the FOX network. In its first decade of operation, the station’s owners, managers, and staff have innovated, expanded, and reinvested in the station, transforming it into a growing and prospering business. They also have worked to keep pace with changes in the southern Colorado marketplace and within the television industry itself. During that period, as FOX Television developed into a fully competitive network, KXRM-TV became one of the initial group of independent television stations to agree to affiliate in 1987. Since that time, FOX21 has charted an enormous growth curve in terms of increased audience and advertiser response, both of which have been drawn to the station by a lineup that now includes top syndicated programs "Two and a Half Men," "King of Queens," and "Friends" and top-rated prime time programs "American Idol," "House," "Glee," "The Simpsons" and "Bones." FOX21 is also the home of the only one hour prime time newscast, FOX21 News @ Nine, and the only 4 hour local morning newscast, FOX21 Morning News. FOX21 News strives to cover local news in southern Colorado with a fair and balanced philosophy. FOX21's antenna is located on top of Cheyenne Mountain. FOX21 reaches Colorado Springs on channel 21 and via Comcast Cable channel 3. The signal is also viewed on Direct TV and Dish Network on channel 21.