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Carly Alyssa Thorne Los Angeles & Palm Springs, CA

Bio: #Transformations #ConsciousBusinessCollaborations #Speaker #PayingItForward Missions Link: I invest in those who are active and remain active, and care about their dividends as much as I do. I Also take the time to Like, Comment, and Rate Missions I do and I also Rate the People that do my missions Always looking to Engage and Network with Amazing people. Links to all of my Social Media and beyond... All about Transformations, Mind Body Spirit Connection, Paying it Forward, The Ripple Effect, Multi-Sensory, Multi-Media, Journeys and Experiences. I Love Life, People, and animals... Everything You need to know and more My Daily Mottos and Passions and why I wake up every morning: *Paying it Forward *Cocoon to Flight *Learning, Playing and Growing *Creative Conscious CoCreation *Conscious Business Collaboration *Let's Do it, Delegate it, or Delete it *Compassionate Passionate Communications *Artistry in Motion *Teamwork is what makes the Dreams Work