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Teri Gidwitz Chicago, IL

Bio: See below the bio for my investment philosophy. Me; Social media enthusiast, information junkie, native Chicagoan into music, dogs, wine, web and interactive marketing & media. Politics too, in this crazy election year. Investment Philosophy: Above all, I am here to develop connections and engage with others, and that drives a lot of my activity, both on EA and in other networks. From an investment perspective - let me be clear - if you invest in me, I will invest in you. If you max out in me, I will work to max out in you. If you sell me, I will probably sell you and I may block you as well. I am an active EA participant and I work to keep my stock price rising, as well as my divs. I hope you'll do the same. Let's not disappoint each other. With a nod to ((e)VPERRIELLO, whose bio inspired me after I was sold by another EA player I thought I'd built a real connection with.