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Bio: An exploding independent record label with a central hub stationed in Maine. It was founded by Greasy Nichols as an extension of his music. Originally it was formed as a hip hop label, but the styles of music set to be released by Truth and Loyalty Records range widely. There are currently multiple projects in various stages of development. Greasy Nichols was born in 1988 as Brad-Lee Nichols in Portland, Maine. He grew up in Maine and always took a liking to anything creative, especially music. He started on the keys as soon as he acquired enough cash to buy a small keyboard. At first, Greasy didn't take music seriously, and never received any formal training. At a ripe age of 17 he got a taste of his potential in hip hop while experimenting in a music community on the Internet. He left Maine for Rochester, New York to pursue an education electrical engineering. Greasy takes pride in being able to do anything himself, and he began learning the ropes of music production. Soon after, he found himself failing classes due to his overwhelming desire to create music and having radical changes in his ideas on life. He decided that was his ticket to fulfillment. After dropping out of college his second year, Greasy spent the next several years completely consumed by the idea of living life as an experiment. This has brought him to “places” most people never hope to be, but also helped give him a personal understanding most will never reach. Originally Truth and Loyalty Records was created as an outlet for his own music and for the representation of friends. Truth and Loyalty eventually expanded due to the unfair treatment of artists by traditional record labels. Greasy Nichols is more than a rapper, a producer, a song writer, an engineer, or a label owner. He is a unique combination of everyone in the music chain and therefore a very effective and creative professional. Many would label his obsession and general philosophy in life an “Illness”. He admits this is a strong possibility but adds that; “Music and altered thinking are ingrained in my soul. I reject a cure wholeheartedly. The experiment has changed, but the saga continues...”