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Luis Fernandez-Sanguino Madrid

Bio: Find me here Father, sports lover (specially soccer and NFL), watch admirer and finantial market apprentice. For a living I work as Managing Partner in a consultancy company. INVESTMENT "CRITERIA" (if I can call it that) For me EA is about connecting with interesting people, both from a professional and a personal point of view. Having said that, it's a way of challenging me in the usage of the social networks, but also a game you have to play. Therefor, I have decided to post my investment "criteria" so that is known by everyone. As in real life, I invest in what I like, trust or want. If it has a "good" or "bad" return is always subjective. Here I will apply the same principles. I try to buy in multiples of 10, until I reach my current max that is 1000. I always buy back, but the amount depends on: - amount of shares you've bought from me - div/share ratio - active networks - eaves I have On the other hand, I do spend time managing the portfolio, so if you have less than 200 shares on me I could consider selling if: - your investment amount (not number of shares) is below the one I have in you after a period of 1 week. - div/share ratio is under .5 - shareprice trend is descending for 3 days in a row or you lose more than 1.2e in a day. - not active in EA I only try to have a consolidated share price growth, although I don't really understand why the price moves of there are no sells or buys, and to grow my div/share ratio as high as possible, being .8 my minimun goal. Thanks for investing and thanks for connecting! Luis