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Bio: I help enlightened leaders succeed in LIFE, as well as in doing what they LOVE, while empowering others, and becoming better human beings. Thanks for helping me locate, educate, motivate, and compensate ambitious individuals who are looking for me, and fellow like-minded thinkers. I am a former Wall Street arbitrageur turned social entrepreneur and Main Street empowermentalist activist, sharing alternative solutions to empower the masses in reversing income inequality in America. THANK YOU FOR INVESTING IN (e)ARBITRAGEUR ... SOCIAL INVESTING: HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF EMPIRE AVENUE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for INVESTORS in (e)ARBITRAGEUR: 1. RETWEET | | 2. LIKE 3. LIKE 4. SUBSCRIBE 5. SUBSCRIBE 6. CIRCLE 7. CONNECT with ME everywhere 8. VOUCH for ME 9. +K me in PERSONAL BRANDING, MONEY, AND INCOME 10. DO missions, missions, and more missions to learn how WINNERS play EMPIRE AVENUE