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I have had lots of fun, made many friends worldwide and am now active on 10 platforms with over 10,000 connections!
- Tom Laing

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Empire.Kred is all about connecting Influencers with relevant content and rewarding them for it.

Complete Social Missions to discover relevant content based on your interests. Missions have varying rewards, set by the creator, which contribute to your wealth within the game.

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Listen to my new acoustic EP
10,000e Reward

View my photography portfolio
50,000e Reward

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Use your wealth to create Missions that promote the content you care about.
  • Share a popular Tweet
  • Promote a small-medium business
  • Get people listening to a new band
  • Gain more views for a podcast
  • Share a personal achievement
  • Share an opinion from a blog post
  • Encourage support for a charity
  • Present a sporting achievement
  • Promote a cause or idea
  • Gain exposure of a portfolio

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