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Bio: Http:// Is a Nine Star KI Astrlogy page. My project to help people to achieve better relations in family, at work, among friends, with themselves. Wellcome ea friend and please recommed page to your friends. We never know, who really need support. Hi. Are you having obstacles in your life, not letting to win? My name is Vojko and I'm Certified Life Coach, Master NLP Business Communication practitioner, astrologer of Ninestar KI (more than 20 years) with background knowledge of Huna. All that time I'm helping people to initiate and maintain as good relationships as they can. One way is also to get a perfect partner fast - as Nine Star KI is perfect tool to find a great partner who is compatible with you. Compatible partners need less effort to reach greater results in their life. I'm inviting you to visit my new web page and show it to your friends.. Thank you. Enjoy Your life & Be FIT You are more than you ever experienced! It's vitality & energy. It's a complex of body & mind performances. One can live happier, more vital, more abundant life. When you don't believe that it is possible, look around. Have a short coaching & you will soon see results. AT the same time you can support yourself with supporting your body: You are part of my life. I believe when you live better, we all live better. So we should help each other and each one should help oneself. Life Coach, Energy Coach; KI Coach; NLP Coach; Wellness Coach, Herbalife Independent Distributor, NLP, Communication Master practitioner; KI-ologist; Astrologer; Future planner I'm aware, that this is true. You need only feel or have an idea, that you want more - and go into coaching. And you have an idea, you feel that you can live better - in other case you wouldn't even read this. Don't start today. Start immediately. Start your life toward your goals. You don't need to go into coaching with me. Just start it. Start it now. Find the best coach you feel the right one for you. And start a proper way of life, proper diet - as diet (food, water, style) is 70% of vitality. Do it now!. ____________________________________________________________________ All my life I have an interest in people and communication with other human beings. As a youngster communicating through radio, later on with the help of computers. Through my personal growth I have discovered that my inner self is important, that people are who are helping me and that I can help them with my activity, with my knowledge and open heart. In this process of growing my interest in psychology was of great help. Later on this were communication skills gained through NLP education and NLP Coaching education. Now I'm aware that love is crucial. Now I'm helping people to find their dreams - anyhow first is to live better in everyday life with themselves - help them to gain awareness, to learn from their own past, to love themselves; so personal growth is many times faster, and life more pleasant way live toward unlimited potential. It is crucial to differentiate between coaching, mentoring, training, counseling, consultancy. What is special for NLP Coaching? * please see explanation at the end In my life path I have learned: When the physical body is healthy, well prepared, humans can grow faster as persons and then go faster toward goals. When one wants to have enough energy, food and water are important. And from the time I eat HERBALIFE shake for a breakfast, life became simple, I'm not hungry anymore and I feel great. ************************************************************************************************* * Physical infrastructure is crucial for one to reach more. When you would like to feel better; have fantastic food for 25 - 50 percent cheaper and want to have me - Vojko J. Kalan for your free Life Coach; to gain more vitality; to have more energy; to have 'Fast Food for Smart People' - as it is a fast and healthy meal; maybe lose weight permanently; to have better results in sports - it's simple: First, acquire some info: General info: Financial info: (ticker HLF) Sports info: Scientific info: When you've got basic info Go to: Click Apply OnLine You need my code: V108240128 You need also first three letters of my surname: KAL You enter your data and here you are. You may ask me necessary questions via e-mail: vojko at Or via Skype: vojko.kalan Enjoy, Vojko _______________________________________________________________ N L P C O A C H I N G - What is coaching? - What is NLP? - What are differences between coaching, training, mentoring, counselling, consultancy? - How does coaching work? - How to make the most of coaching? “Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them” - Timothy Gallway Coaching is based on the premise that the client is the expert in their life/work and that he/she has all the necessary resources available to make a positive change. The coach serves as an independent, non-judgmental sounding board whose role is to: Discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve Encourage client self-discovery Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies Hold the client responsible and accountable (International Coaching Federation) This is how the International Coach Federation defines the basic coaching competencies: Meet ethical guidelines of the profession Ability to establish a coaching agreement Ability to establish an intimate and trusting relationship with the client Ability to be fully present, conscious and spontaneous Ability to express active listening Ability to ask powerful questions Ability to be a direct communicator Ability to create and raise the client's awareness Ability to design and create action plans and action behavior Ability to develop plans and establish goals with the client Ability to manage the client's progress and hold him/her responsible for the action The coaching relationship is an equal partnership, providing a safe space, structure and support and working jointly towards achieving success for the client. NLP Coaching enables a client to go deep into being without openly express when, in what circumstances (s)he is facing with personal issue. NLP Coaching is solution oriented. What is NLP? NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) was created in the 1970s by Richard Bandler and Dr John Grinder. It has been defined as "the study of excellence", "how we make sense and interact with ourselves and the world" and/or "how we think, feel and act". - Neuro relates to us processing information via our nervous systems, using our 5 senses. - Linguistic refers to our verbal language, thoughts as well as body language. - Programming relates to the patterns of behaviors we all demonstrate, i.e. Certain ways we prefer to do things. NLP is a powerful tool that can usefully be applied in business. Examples include enhanced management and leadership skills, working relationships, career and personal development as well as assistance with stress management, sales and marketing returns, and much more. What is the difference between coaching and training, mentoring, counseling, consultancy? While there exists some similarity amongst coaching and other helping activities, e.g. Mentoring and coaching both involves one-to-one relationships that provide an opportunity for individuals to reflect, learn and develop, and consultancy and coaching are focussed on action and outcomes, fundamental differences exist. How does coaching work? Coaching can take place face-to-face, by telephone or SKYPE, as well as over a period of time or intensity. Face-to-face coaching Face-to-face sessions usually take place at my office or your place of business/home and are generally 60 minutes to 90 minutes long. Telephone coaching/SKYPE coaching Personal and time-efficient, telephone session generally last between 30 to 45 minutes when weekly. Intensive coaching Intensive coaching is ideal for those that seek to make fast progress with a particular goal/issue and can take the form of 2,5 - 6 hours of intensive coaching a day. Followed by two hours telephone and unlimited email support for 1 month thereafter. While the methods of delivery may vary, all will have in common an initial consultation, which is different than all others. This will start the coaching process prior to the first session and optimize the one-on-one coaching time together. A wide range of Coaching/NLP methodologies/tools is available and drawn upon as applicable to ensure the best fit to the client and their specific situation. The coaching process itself is client-led with the Coach, providing a structured framework that enables new insight, as well as ensuring that the client is accountable for any actions agreed. How to make the most of coaching? Coaching time is limited and not cheap. In order to make the most of your one-to-one time with a coach. 1. General aspects: a) Coaching is goal oriented. So initial session is dedicated to clearly define and verify client's goal with NLP methods. b) Complete the Intake Form your Coach will have sent you BEFORE your first session. This means - That you will have started the coaching process already, e.g. You will gain some insights as to where you are at present and which areas/issues you want to work on. - Provides your Coach with some background information and avoids you both losing unnecessary time during the actual call gathering these details. c) Coaching time is limited and not cheap. To make the most of the one-to-one coaching exchange: - Be as frank, honest and straight to the point with your Coach as possible. This also entails, telling him/her - respectfully - what you feel works/does not work for you. How can you Coach manage you most effectively? What tips would you give him/her? - Likewise, given your permission, except your Coach to challenge your thinking/perceptions and, if deemed constructive, to even interrupt you in order to get back on track. d) How can YOU best serve this coaching relationship? - Commit time and energy to the process of change and self-development. - Take responsibility for your progress/the working relationship with your Coach. - Practice what you learn! Did you walk perfectly the first time? Rehearse new attitudes, perspectives, thought processes, etc. As often as possible. - What else can you do? 2. During or immediately after the coaching session: Take a few minutes to write down key points: goals, actions, insights, breakthroughs, etc., as this will allow you to concentrate on supporting activities as well as track your progress over time. a) What did you get out of the session? b) What actions did you agree upon? When will you have done them by? c) What other actions might you want to undertake before the next coaching session? d) What issues do you want to raise in the next session? __________________ My EA Policy I buy stock in people and causes I support. I will keep owning stock of those who I support and who are also investing in my stocks. I will sell stock of individuals who don't own my stocks and value of their stocks is falling in the long term. __________________ Vojko J. Kalan Twitter @vojko629 __________________ Do you wish to build your web page FAST and Fantastically good? You can do it here: